I would tell a thousand lies, if it meant saving another minute of you. I would lie for a lifetime if it meant to let you live for another day. However, I cannot fight fate. I can embrace change. A change I never agreed to have. An emptiness I did not ask for. “I … More Lies


Learn to love the depths, the shallow is just the beginning. The deeper we go, the closer we are to the toughest thing we ever wanted to achieve. The deeper the wound, the hurtful it becomes. The deeper the hole, the difficile to get out. The deeper you go, the darker, the inevitable, it is. … More Depths

A Purloin

The heart, a purloin. It gets what it wants. When it wants. It steals so quietly, so calmly, as though the still waters creeping. You can’t do anything about it, can you? It captures so cleverly, tue victim falls like rain pelts down. What’s worse though? No matter what you qualified to do—Investicate the master … More A Purloin

​“I often fail to understand you. I fail because your mentality is so exaggerative, that I can’t comprehend. Does It? You call a mere scratch an open wound. You call a mere crack a goddamned valley.  A line on your skin becomes an ugly scar. But the words you sometimes speak are beautiful? You look … More


They were never constant. It was a struggle to keep them as they were. The chatoyant eyes, they harboured a range of colours I could never recognize together.  The chatoyancy made the eyes look like miracle ones. It made people believe in miracles when they chose not to.  The change in shades. The luster,  was … More Chatoyancy

Time & Regrets

I return to the time I never valued. And there sat the old me, doing things so hopeless and senseless. Those thing that I gravely regret now. The things that made up in the worst regrets of life.  I would smack my old self for every second we didn’t value. But it won’t change a … More Time & Regrets