You Did Everything

“I refused to sink. So you threw down an anchor so I would. 
I stood my stand firm. So you did everything so my legs would buckle underneath me.

I spoke with an uncracking voice. So you made me remember every word of regret that ever escaped me.
I tried to make a difference. So you became every obstacle in my way.”

Feel Low?

Y’know A time when you hit the rock bottom? Feel low? Everything feels useless. Worthless perhaps? 

We all hit it at sometime. And they all say that standing up again is what counts. It does. 

But you know, it’s one of the most toughest things to do. It takes effort. Alot of effort. Just to stand again.

Sometimes, it feels to just quit. It starts looking meaningless. And then everything’s just slipping out of your hands. Every thought starts containing a doubt. 

But y’know, that Guy up there planned good things for you. So just…just hang in there. 

Good things will happen.                                (I have my fingers crossed.)

5 Lines.

I would shade my eyes witha glimmer of fierceness.

I would color my lips with a

matte of boldness.

I would wear my flaws to perfection everyday.


▶ For the clouds were always so evident. And so clear. I could Always see a silver line on the edge but you couldn’t.

For those obscure reasons, I would never come to know. You tried to explain, but I am not of a complex understanding. It went over my head. 
That silver lining was so so evident to me. From where I stood, it shone under the stars and it was glinting it’s lustre under the light. 

Because the silver lining rested upon the edge of the cloud, where the cloud could see it perfectly with a naked eye. But never once, did the lining acknowledge it’s beauty. The cloud would tell her stories of her beauty only to be returned with an unbelieving gaze. 

For I was the cloud, and you, the silver lining ◀

20 Seconds of Insane Courage.

Y’know the insane 20 seconds of courage. I had that, only for a little while longer. 

I listened blindly to the impulses, that begged me to do something stupid. And in tgat spur of a moment with the adrenaline rushing through my entire proof of existence, and that insane courage inside my mind, I did it. I did something stupid.

And what scared me shitless was tgat it could make me. Or it could completely shatter me. And I didn’t know which one was it.

But for what was worth, I did it.

I kissed him.

Overrated. Underrated.

“Love me.”

It’s hard when you’re young. Youth is hard. Fucked up. Faded. Overrated. Everything is hard and hard is overrated. Because today nothing is facile. 

And so, easy is underrated

They can’t hold you back. It’s a simple fact. You make time for the ones tgat count. This is your life. And no ine has the right to tell you that it’s easy when they don’t know hiw hard it is.

Every sentence has a story hidden behind. Every blank facade has tonnes of emotions behind. 

“You’re wearing your own shoes. 
You’re walking miles in it. You are. Not someone else.”

Remember that, will ya’?

Trying to Write Around a Song. (Italics are Lyrics)

“Go away.”

With you, I’m Alive,” he said, “It’s like all the missing pieces of my heart finally collide.” A warm feeling exploded inside her, reaching up her eyes. Though, her voice was firm, “This is rediculous!”

His eyes closed, taking a last fleeting look into hers,

Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of a whole.”

She scoffed, “Then glue up Boy.”

“But, Without you I’ve got no hand to hold,” he said, enclosing her palms into the grace of his warm ones. Her arm slipped out his embrace, rather harshly, leaving a depleting warm feeling inside both of them. “Find another hand.”

Shaking his head vigorously, he said,

Without you I feel torn, like a sail in a Strom!”

She grunted, and exhaled a large breath, “Then stitch up,” she hissed. Firmly resting her hands on his chest and pushed him back. With a heavy heart, the boy stumbled back and sighed. She was a rock strong girl, and he knew it.

He sighed again, in a kitty soft tone he spoke, “You gotta Listen to me Love…I did and do not love you to get a broken heart.”

Letting his feet walk baby steps, the boy approached her, and she stood still, much to her dismay. It was a chance she lost when she could’ve run away. “You gotta understand that, With you, I Fall—”

“I’ve never thought you were capable to sound so gay!” She exclaimed, small smile playing her face. The boy scoffed, a mischevious glint soaring up to his deep blue eyes, “Like I care. Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror? If some great person hadn’t come up with the concept of a tomboy, you’d be bisexual!”

“Pft, would not!” She defended, “I hate you. Go away.” He sighed, “No, listen to me. With you, I fall—”

“You still sound gay.”

Rolling his eyes, he continued, “—It’s like I’m leaving all my past In silhouettes up on the wall.”

She sighed, “Please understand,” she pleaded. “I’m a Mess! You can’t—”

“But, You’re My Beautiful Mess!”

The uncertinaty defined her eyes right then. He was getting annoyed. And she was getting scared. His words were always soothing to her and she would melt at them. It was a daily dose. Fluid was welling up in the grey pools of hers while she tried holding them in the bay.

“With you, 

its like we’re standing hand in hand with all our fears upon the edge.”

 Looking her in the eye he fessed, “You know all the things I would never dare tell a soul, Love. I don’t believe you’re giving up so easy.”

Her hand flew to her mouth, keeping the sobs from getting audible much.

“You’re the perfect Melody. The only Harmony.” He chuckled, “I would never admit this to a soul, but You’re the favorite Part of Me, Standing next to me—As sappy as it sounds, I feel complete.”

“And then there’s you. Giving up on us.” He shook his head disappointed. “You make me feel like a Sad Song.”

—Sudipti Saha