It’s You

“The point is that there is so much that I would never know. There is so much I would never have the knowledge off. But you know what really stands out of all this? What really contrasts the fact stated above? 

These lights don’t really matter when dark is all I’ve known. And it kills me, it rather makes me feel stupid to not know how to feel good about a Ray of light peeping through these dark holes that have been here keeping me company for almost all of my life.

It scares the shit out of me to even gather a little bit of hope because it might crash to the ground and shatter like piece of glass. It worries me to even gain the courage to accept the light that peeps in because darkness became a friend of mine when light didn’t feel the need to be present for me. 

But this is all that I already knew. You know how I said about how something really stands out, something really contrasts the way I think something really makes a difference for me… I may have been wrong to say that.

It wasn’t something. 

It was someone and

It wasn’t just someone…It’s You.” ..