They came to her when they needed her. For what others could call Friends, she had them. It was more like a use and throw situation maybe? 
It was. Probably. 

She was mostly invisible. Most of the times, they didn’t acknowledge her. She was, say…invisible. And it felt awful. It hurt.

Invisibility wasn’t a boon for her, when other considered it as such. It was a curse.

Buy not always. Not always was she not given any importance. There were times when she was popular. It was when they needed her. When they wanted something from her. 

Those were the times, they wanted to be with her. I mean, why would she give away something to someone who didn’t bother, right?

At a point in her life, life revolved around isolation. 

There was this someone else who once spoke of isolation to her…how she felt isolated. This someone had friends. Like real friends. This someone was acknowledged.

It felt like a slap to the face. She knew isolation better. So much better.



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