Sometimes I feel the need to let someone look inside my mind. And tell me what I am. Tell me what I feel.

In simple words. 
Because, I can’t figure myself out. I try, but it’s so complex. The art of figuring someone out. 
» Am I ugly? Or do people say that because they’re jealous. 

» Am I loved? Or is it what they fake around.

» Am I wanted? Or do they pretend to like my presence.

» Is my presence needed? Or they don’t even know that I am right here.

» Am I invisible? Or do they not see me on purpose.

»Do I hear people talking behind my back? Yes.

» Does it hurt? Because it stings like a bitch.

» Am I okay? Or am I pretending to be.

» Do I cry? Or is that me being weak?

» Is it all worth it? Or am I just wasting my time?

» Is time going to heal? Or is it going to give up on me.

» Am I dead? Sometimes, I wish I was…


#BeRealBeYou. Because otherwise, it hurts.


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