Pull down your defences,

Because they won’t work against me.

I am your beauty,

Believe me.

To me your defences are short,

Those walls aren’t tall.

Bleak, so weak,

Or am I too tough?

When your best defence,

Doesn’t do the worst of the damage,

You know, the truth.

It is a red handed living proof.

How raw that defence you built is.

The key to a strong one

—Is a best offense.

Because, the best defence is,

A good offense.


Sometimes I feel the need to let someone look inside my mind. And tell me what I am. Tell me what I feel.

In simple words. 
Because, I can’t figure myself out. I try, but it’s so complex. The art of figuring someone out. 
» Am I ugly? Or do people say that because they’re jealous. 

» Am I loved? Or is it what they fake around.

» Am I wanted? Or do they pretend to like my presence.

» Is my presence needed? Or they don’t even know that I am right here.

» Am I invisible? Or do they not see me on purpose.

»Do I hear people talking behind my back? Yes.

» Does it hurt? Because it stings like a bitch.

» Am I okay? Or am I pretending to be.

» Do I cry? Or is that me being weak?

» Is it all worth it? Or am I just wasting my time?

» Is time going to heal? Or is it going to give up on me.

» Am I dead? Sometimes, I wish I was…


#BeRealBeYou. Because otherwise, it hurts.

Take a #RealityCheck!

💥 “We keep the faith preserved for ourselves, what we were meant to keep just to stay on the high pedestal we always stood on. 
For beauty is not on the skin, but believe it not not, in the abstract of a person. What runs in the blood, family, people, build us from the scratch.

Every light is one of hope. Every light is a way out of a nightmare. An escape we dearly need. Always. Forever. For those He loves to trouble us, we can do nothing but struggle and fight our path out.”

You Did Everything

“I refused to sink. So you threw down an anchor so I would. 
I stood my stand firm. So you did everything so my legs would buckle underneath me.

I spoke with an uncracking voice. So you made me remember every word of regret that ever escaped me.
I tried to make a difference. So you became every obstacle in my way.”