▶ For the clouds were always so evident. And so clear. I could Always see a silver line on the edge but you couldn’t.

For those obscure reasons, I would never come to know. You tried to explain, but I am not of a complex understanding. It went over my head. 
That silver lining was so so evident to me. From where I stood, it shone under the stars and it was glinting it’s lustre under the light. 

Because the silver lining rested upon the edge of the cloud, where the cloud could see it perfectly with a naked eye. But never once, did the lining acknowledge it’s beauty. The cloud would tell her stories of her beauty only to be returned with an unbelieving gaze. 

For I was the cloud, and you, the silver lining ◀

20 Seconds of Insane Courage.

Y’know the insane 20 seconds of courage. I had that, only for a little while longer. 

I listened blindly to the impulses, that begged me to do something stupid. And in tgat spur of a moment with the adrenaline rushing through my entire proof of existence, and that insane courage inside my mind, I did it. I did something stupid.

And what scared me shitless was tgat it could make me. Or it could completely shatter me. And I didn’t know which one was it.

But for what was worth, I did it.

I kissed him.