Dark Places

There’s a place for everyone for their dark days. And these dark days is what makes us the people we are today. These make us strong. You need to have a lot of things to get through life like, Hope. Faith. Belief. Strenght. And before all you need to Grieve

Grieving is important.

It is a way of just letting go. Keeping grief locked inside, is nothing but a struggle. It’s like you want to cry but you are refusing to shed tears. And these tears are feelings locked inside. It hurts, I know. It’s going to hurt to let go too. But letting go means…letting go! You don’t have to feel it again and again.

You have to grieve only once!

And if you do not grieve? You are going to have to feel the pain again and again. And the pain only increases. So does the pent up need to grieve. 

Where do you go and grieve?

In your Dark places.


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