The pedagogy of the world, lies in the hands of us. The people. The democracy is for the people. To the people. 

We teach. We preach. 

We learn. We believe.

Pedagogy is essential. Vital for us to survive. Knowledge is wealth, and pedagogy is the route to how we get that wealth. To take up Pedagogy, you do not have to apply to a school. Or a class. You can always  Teach life. A lesson is not always on a paper. Not always encased in a hefty book. You don’t need no big books to go through. 

  • An open mind is the first step. Narrow minds don’t work.
  • Education is important. But it is not the only thing that is important.
  • Pedagogy is not entitled to papers and books. 
  • Minds play a vital role.
  • Remember, WE teach. WE preach.
  • Every one has potential. Do not degrade someone for that point ever.
  • Your pedagogy depends on what YOU.

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