Self Assurance

Do you ever feel Loath? For no one but your own self? You don’t like your nose, it’s too steep? You don’t like your feet, they’re a tad bit broad. You don’t like your eyes, theu’re a dull shade. You don’t like your complextion, it’s too dark. You hate the face that you bear a double chin. 
See the beauty inside, they say. It’s not easy though. If it was, do you think people would still be so health conscious where they feel the need to starve themselves? To risk being Anorexic? Or a Bulimic?

Anorexia or Bulimia, is not a Beauty Statement! It is a Disease. An unhealthy state.

Self loath is unhealthy. Drill it into your brain. Engrave in onto your mind. 

To love yourself sometimes is easier said than done. And to loath yourself stands quite on the opposite pole. It is easy to loath yourself than love. God never gave us easy, because we wished Luxury. And luxury follows hardwork. Hardword follows thougness. 

I’m not going to ask you to love yourself if you’re loahing yourself at tue very moment. It’s hard, I know. But do try.

Because that’s what we’re all doing.


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