We Were

We never had to try for the worst. We were given everything on a damn silver platter. We were rich as fuck. We were high as hell. We were as dishonest as heaven would die if it be. We were outrageous. We were wild. We were existing in loads of cash, sleeping on beds, made of bills of money. We were restless as a withering leaf. We were dysfunctional as a flawed machine. We were hated like people hate hell. We were ⓓⓘⓢⓖⓤⓘⓢⓔⓓ under the looks of rich. We were loyal, but our loyalties lied under the wrong wing. We could fly, but we didn’t know we had broken wings. We were standing high, but we never knew the ground we stood on was lowering down. 

We were happy, but happiness is fleeting. 

We were careless. Because we had people who cared. We were faithful, but faith did not turn put to be that good of a save. 

We were everything people dreamed to be. But our time was running out.


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