Would you take a chance at being Immortal? If you were given a choice to live forever, would you take it in a heartbeat?

Immortality is not a Boon to wish for!

Understand this. You’re human. If you despise the fact, you won’t be able to make no change about it. This is a place where you stand totally, utterly and completely helpless.

But what you can do is: Admit it.

Say you wanted to be immortal, and you took the chance. Voila, you’re immortal! But it is after all just you who is immortal. No one else. It is human nature to make friends. To attach to people. To love. To hate. To follow these instintcs. 

Even though Immortal, You’re going to do all the above listed activities. You will make friends. You will attach to people. You will fall in love.

The sad part is, you will lose them.

They aren’t Immortal now, are they? But you are. And this is when you realize what a curse Immortality actually is. What you thought to be a Boon.

How many times are you going to rind new friends, only for them to leave you with grief?

How many times do you plan on falling in Love?


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