Innocent She—Not.

She looked so innocent, standing across the road, 

She looked troubled, like under a lot of load.

Her shoulders looked heavy, slumped down,

Her smile etched with a frown.

The hot summer wind blew,

The sweat trailed down her face.

She wore full sleeved clothes,

Isn’t my girl braced?

She smiled looking at me, the frown cowering back,

She lied so perfectly,

The world could never tell any of that.

To me she was weak. A weak liar, 

I saw the frown cower and hinder.

She waved at me from across the road,

I stood frozen, her wrist clear in sight,

As her full sleeved protection erode in time.

She revealed her wrist, red and swollen,

Not one of them aided.

I looked her in the eye, they shined blue,

Hiding past the lie.

I saw the cherry blue fade,

Her blue orbs flicked more sorrow and pain.

She looked at me, knowing what I had seen,

Her lip quivered, her arms slack by her side,

The full sleeved protection hiding away the truth behind the lies.

She walked away, being her mysterious way,

As she walked away, on her, my eyes still lay.

If I had a chance, I’d call her love,

If I had a chance, I’d hold her back.

If only I built that kind of courage in time,

Maybe she’d be mine?


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