HellBent Crazy

They hold hands and walk around in the school. They hold tough façades that seem too hard to break.

The boy is rumored to be the bad boy of the school. With a perfect lined jaw, a worth falling for face and a smile that’d make you bump into poles. His pearly whites only seem to be visible at rare times when around her. His eyes be the grey colour of Strom, his nose a sharp one. His face always a mask of confidence and his body always free of distress.

The girl is rumored to be the bad girl of the school. Walks around like she owns the place. Her hand always keeps clasped within his.

Her face is one of a heart shaped. Her hair is auburn in shade and cascades down to her thin writhed waist. Her face with the minimal amount out of makeup and eyes a grassy green color. Her face too wears a confident mask and her body gets drooled over by the entire male population of the school.

He is the BADBOY, She is the BADASS.

The judgment based upon a normal fist fight with the rival school. The judgment grew to a rumor and rumors in high school spread like wild fire in a dry forest.  

They do crazy things. They do them without a care in the world. They say crazy can be a trait. But crazy is just another term for misunderstood.

We’re all crazy. Some of us just hide it better than others.

They judged a book by the cover. The hard and uncaring facade came successfully enough to fool the entire world but each other.

Now, their walls fall for only each other and none. Because, misunderstood people are crazy and…

Boy, these two, are HellBent Crazy.


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