Favorite kind of people.

They say, they want what they want. They say they are going to achieve what they want. Then when a couple days later, the will to get it reduces to just a facultative wish, the want seems to be nowhere.

Then there are these people who live on the what they need and not what they want. They say, to be happy if you have all what you need. They say that all what you have must be all what you need if you don’t have anything much. That doesn’t make sense.

People—heck, all humans, every breathing life, has needs. But sometimes some things in excess feel good.

Sometimes not.

They say nothing in excess is ever good. But what about happiness?
As Far as I’ve seen people, I haven’t seen a soul enjoying sadness. Not a soul needs sadness or wants it. Excess of happiness, has been denied by none. Not to this date, I think. Not intentionally.

And then you see people letting happiness slip right out their grip. Honestly? If I ever were to witness such a person, I’d be like, ‘Heck man, what are you, stupid? Oh no, you must be pretty insane digging yourself a hole so sad. Letting the only happy thing in life fly out the hole you’re digging so determiningly.’

And then some of them regret. Some can’t get over their big headed Ego, some try and fix things.

What I’m tryna’ say is, my favorite kind of people are the ones that are tryna’ fix things.



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