Innocent She—Not.

She looked so innocent, standing across the road,  She looked troubled, like under a lot of load. Her shoulders looked heavy, slumped down, Her smile etched with a frown. The hot summer wind blew, The sweat trailed down her face. She wore full sleeved clothes, Isn’t my girl braced? She smiled looking at me, the … More Innocent She—Not.

5 Lines.

I would shade my eyes witha glimmer of fierceness. I would color my lips with a matte of boldness. I would wear my flaws to perfection everyday.


▶ For the clouds were always so evident. And so clear. I could Always see a silver line on the edge but you couldn’t. For those obscure reasons, I would never come to know. You tried to explain, but I am not of a complex understanding. It went over my head.  That silver lining was … More Clouds

Trying to Write Around a Song. (Italics are Lyrics)

​ “Go away.” “With you, I’m Alive,” he said, “It’s like all the missing pieces of my heart finally collide.” A warm feeling exploded inside her, reaching up her eyes. Though, her voice was firm, “This is rediculous!” His eyes closed, taking a last fleeting look into hers, “Without you, I feel broke. Like I’m half of … More Trying to Write Around a Song. (Italics are Lyrics)

5 Songs From My Playlist that will Completely Motivate You. 

1)Like a Champion — Selena Gomez. 2) Scars to your Beautiful – Alessia Cara. 3) Sit still, look pretty – Daya. 4) Fucking perfect – P!nk. 5) Love Myself – Hailey Steinfeld. Sometimes, motivation is all you need. Feelling defeated? Listen to Like a champion. Feeling insecure? Scars to your beautiful. Feeling lazy? Sit still, look pretty. … More 5 Songs From My Playlist that will Completely Motivate You. 

And She…

And she was what mesmerized me. I steal glances at her every now and then. I would catch her do the same. It flattered me to say the least.  But there was so much more than just that. For she was who was never one to be. Or to be completely honest and, Clear for … More And She…