Innocent She—Not.

She looked so innocent, standing across the road, 

She looked troubled, like under a lot of load.

Her shoulders looked heavy, slumped down,

Her smile etched with a frown.

The hot summer wind blew,

The sweat trailed down her face.

She wore full sleeved clothes,

Isn’t my girl braced?

She smiled looking at me, the frown cowering back,

She lied so perfectly,

The world could never tell any of that.

To me she was weak. A weak liar, 

I saw the frown cower and hinder.

She waved at me from across the road,

I stood frozen, her wrist clear in sight,

As her full sleeved protection erode in time.

She revealed her wrist, red and swollen,

Not one of them aided.

I looked her in the eye, they shined blue,

Hiding past the lie.

I saw the cherry blue fade,

Her blue orbs flicked more sorrow and pain.

She looked at me, knowing what I had seen,

Her lip quivered, her arms slack by her side,

The full sleeved protection hiding away the truth behind the lies.

She walked away, being her mysterious way,

As she walked away, on her, my eyes still lay.

If I had a chance, I’d call her love,

If I had a chance, I’d hold her back.

If only I built that kind of courage in time,

Maybe she’d be mine?


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The coffee is cold,

The stories have been told.

Forever it has been,

Since the tales have died.

Immortality is absent,

And mortality demands death.

For those who lived,

Tell the tales, around the fire.

And for those who passed,

Wander a lost world.

For mortality struck untimely,

And the heaven refused.

—Sudipti Saha

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If you think you are not enough. If you think you wouldn’t be able to strive in this world. If you think God made a mistake…Let me tell you, that he did not make a mistake.

This is not motivation this is the truth of life.

At the lowest point of your life you may think that you were a mistake, or how you were worthless or how you don’t deserve life…it’s your mind acting up.

It is not acceptable for me to say that you’re wrong or tell you how you shouldn’t do this, put yourself down. It is hard. It is tough. I know that, you know that, and the world knows that…Actually the world doesn’t know it at all.

But you do. So if I tell you to stop thinking negative and think positive, you’re not going to be just able to do that. It is going to take a lot of willpower, a lot of determination.

And if you have it, then you can do it.


“I wanna dive deep into the sea,

Far away from reality.

I wanna live today.Not always,

  • I wanna have a fire in my heart,

And a life in my soul.

I wanna fight for it alright,Every day to make things right.

I wanna have a priority first,
And make it real.

I wanna do it right,
Just to make sure you’re fine.”

It’s You

“The point is that there is so much that I would never know. There is so much I would never have the knowledge off. But you know what really stands out of all this? What really contrasts the fact stated above? 

These lights don’t really matter when dark is all I’ve known. And it kills me, it rather makes me feel stupid to not know how to feel good about a Ray of light peeping through these dark holes that have been here keeping me company for almost all of my life.

It scares the shit out of me to even gather a little bit of hope because it might crash to the ground and shatter like piece of glass. It worries me to even gain the courage to accept the light that peeps in because darkness became a friend of mine when light didn’t feel the need to be present for me. 

But this is all that I already knew. You know how I said about how something really stands out, something really contrasts the way I think something really makes a difference for me… I may have been wrong to say that.

It wasn’t something. 

It was someone and

It wasn’t just someone…It’s You.” ..


They came to her when they needed her. For what others could call Friends, she had them. It was more like a use and throw situation maybe? 
It was. Probably. 

She was mostly invisible. Most of the times, they didn’t acknowledge her. She was, say…invisible. And it felt awful. It hurt.

Invisibility wasn’t a boon for her, when other considered it as such. It was a curse.

Buy not always. Not always was she not given any importance. There were times when she was popular. It was when they needed her. When they wanted something from her. 

Those were the times, they wanted to be with her. I mean, why would she give away something to someone who didn’t bother, right?

At a point in her life, life revolved around isolation. 

There was this someone else who once spoke of isolation to her…how she felt isolated. This someone had friends. Like real friends. This someone was acknowledged.

It felt like a slap to the face. She knew isolation better. So much better.



Pull down your defences,

Because they won’t work against me.

I am your beauty,

Believe me.

To me your defences are short,

Those walls aren’t tall.

Bleak, so weak,

Or am I too tough?

When your best defence,

Doesn’t do the worst of the damage,

You know, the truth.

It is a red handed living proof.

How raw that defence you built is.

The key to a strong one

—Is a best offense.

Because, the best defence is,

A good offense.


Sometimes I feel the need to let someone look inside my mind. And tell me what I am. Tell me what I feel.

In simple words. 
Because, I can’t figure myself out. I try, but it’s so complex. The art of figuring someone out. 
» Am I ugly? Or do people say that because they’re jealous. 

» Am I loved? Or is it what they fake around.

» Am I wanted? Or do they pretend to like my presence.

» Is my presence needed? Or they don’t even know that I am right here.

» Am I invisible? Or do they not see me on purpose.

»Do I hear people talking behind my back? Yes.

» Does it hurt? Because it stings like a bitch.

» Am I okay? Or am I pretending to be.

» Do I cry? Or is that me being weak?

» Is it all worth it? Or am I just wasting my time?

» Is time going to heal? Or is it going to give up on me.

» Am I dead? Sometimes, I wish I was…


#BeRealBeYou. Because otherwise, it hurts.